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Should I Rebuild My 351M/400 or Should I Swap in a 429/460?

Dispelling the Myths & Untruths Surrounding the 351M/400

How to Build the 351M/400 -- 9/25/00

Removing Your Engine -- Great Photos!

Installing a 429/460 -- The Right Way! -- 02/04/01

1979 Emissions Control Information & Vacuum Hose Routing Decals -- 03/10/01

335 Engine Series Compression Ratio Calculator (351C/351M/400) -- by Dave Resch 11/08/01 


T-18 4-Speed Rebuild -- by Kevin Munson 12/19/01 (Off Site)


Installing a Super Heavy-Duty Modine Radiator -- 9/26/00

Installing a TCI Thematic-Controlled Auxiliary Electric Cooling Fan -- 10/07-00

Installing an Edelbrock Victor Series Aluminum Water Pump


How to install velour Captain Chairs for $100.00

A cure for those troublesome plastic armrest cups -- 10/02/00

How to install a 100 MPH Speedometer for next to nothing

Installing a factory wide-grip steering wheel for $25.00 -- 10/04/00

Low-Cost Interior Upgrade Tips & Tricks -- by Chris Cunningham 02/28/01


Getting Rid of play in the steering Part I -- Replacing the Axle Track Bar bushings with Energy Suspension Hyperflex polyurethane bushings.  -- 9/15/00

Getting Rid of play in the steering Part II -- Installing an AGR power steering box -- 12/22/01

Getting Rid of play in the steering Part III -- Repairing a damaged (wobbled out or oval) Track Bar Axle Mount -- by Zach Kohl 03/24/02

RC Dana 60 Coil-Sprung Front Axle Conversion -- by James Oxley 06/29/01


Installing a Jacobs Electronics Ford Energy Coil -- 9/27/00

Installing a  custom Trailer Hitch Receiver Skid Plate -- 1/11/02