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How To Install Velour Captain Chairs for $100.00

-- by Paul

Before you go rush out and spend big $$$ on custom aftermarket seats to replace your old worn-out, back-killing seats in your Bronco, did you know that the factory Ford captain chairs from 1980 to 1986 Broncos will bolt in to your 78-79 Bronco with no modifications? In fact, you may even be able use the seats from Broncos as new 1996, however, I'm not 100% sure about the '87 and up models.


What I am 100% sure about is the fact that my factory bucket seats were good for one thing and one thing only, and that was to make my Chiropractor a fortune! So, one day I was merrily hopping through the local salvage yard (one of my favorite hang outs) when I stumbled across a rolled-over '86 Bronco XLT with factory burgundy captain chairs! There wasn't much left of this poor Bronco, but the seats looked great! (at least from an upside-down perspective, anyway) So, I bought both front seats and the rear flip-fold seat for $100.00 -- total.


Three hours later I had the seats out of my Bronco and was dismayed at the fact that the brackets on the front seats from the '86 Bronco wouldn't fit! That is, until I realized that all I had to do was to remove the brackets from my original seats and bolt them on to the "new" '86 captain chairs. They fit perfectly! What about the rear seat? It bolted right in place of my original flip-fold seat with no modifications what-so-ever.


Two more hours later I fell asleep in the passenger seat while testing out my wonderful, velour-covered, moveable-armrest, reclining, super-comfortable, back-massaging captain chairs -- and, of course, they passed with flying colors!!! g



Future Project: As you can tell from the second picture above, the front seats have faded considerably. This Winter I may have the front seats recovered. And, of course, I will document it here at ProjectBronco.COM!

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