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All About Project Bronco

NEW!!!! ProjectBronco now owns a 40-acre, full service automotive salvage yard!!! Named LAS - Laurens Auto Salvage, this new yard will offer tons of 73-79 Ford parts to help enthusiast all over the world with their restoration projects.

Visit the LAS website to learn more! In the future, our full inventory will be online! But in the mean time, feel free call myself (Paul) or Benjie at 1-800-922-4033 today!

What's New@ProjectBronco.Com...

2007 Annual PJB Club Meet will be at the '07 Indianapolis 4x4 Jamboree!

Visit the PJB message board to learn more! See you all there!



Project Bronco Staff

A boring profile about myself and my staff, just incase anyone out there is actually curious.

See all my little helpers.

My opinion on other Broncos and Ford Trucks.

Bronco & Ford Truck Links

Links to Parts & Accessories sites

Links to Bronco and Ford Resource site and clubs

Links Personal Home pages dealing with 78-79 Broncos.

F-Series 4x4 Showroom!

 Quick Links:

Check out all of your favorite 73-79 F-Series 4x4s!

Send it a picture of your 73-79 F-Series 4x4! 


Project Bronco Showroom

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Features some of the most beautiful Broncos on the Internet and around the world.  

Big Bronco History & "Stuff"

A collection of Toy 78-79 Broncos by Nylint Toys.

Want to know why Ford only made these Broncos for two years?

Ever wondered where on earth the 351M/400 engine came from?

Well then......

Technical Articles

Now one of the, if not THE largest collection of technical articles in one place for 78-79 Broncos on the Net!

Technical articles are grouped by category, such as engine,  suspension, & interior and feature color photos, detailed instructions & more!

78-79 Bronco Live Discussion Forum & Message Board.

The only 78-79 Bronco BB on the Net!!! -- Topics include a Bronco Tech Forum, a Classifieds Section, a 351M/400 Tech & Performance Forum, Amazing Bronco Stories & more!

Cartoons & Pics of the Month

New pic for August! What NOT to do when towing a boat!

Every month we will post here an automotive-related cartoon or photo. After all, we all need a good laugh from time to time!

If you find a really funny cartoon or photo, especially if it's Ford, Bronco, or SUV related, then please send it in!

78-79 Bronco Literature
Take a trip back to the late seventies and browse through original 78 & 79 Dealer Brochures & Magazine Advertisements. 
Browse through the ProjectBronco.COM Online Ford Truck Book & Video Catalog. Features a wide variety of books available at Amazon.COM that will assist you with performance modifications and the restoration of your Bronco or Ford Truck. 
Project Bronco Chat Room
Chat with other ProjectBronco members on our new IRC chat room, #projectbronco.
Get instructions on how to download, setup, and use the  ProjectBronco MIRC chat channel.
Schedule online chats, invite others, and more!
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