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Scott Elgin's 1978 F-150 XLT 4x4 Long bed, Illinois


This is my 1978 F-150 XLT 4x4 long bed. I bought her w/ 118k miles showing but you would guess 60 by just looking at her. Its powered by a 400m w/ np 435 & a np 205.

It has all options on it including a factory cap, full gauge cluster, C.B, dual tanks & a tool drawer in the side of the box. She rides on 35" all terrain B.F.G's w/ hurricane alum wheels. The body is rock solid & like the paint all original!!


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Brad Horth's 1979 F150 4x4, Alberta, Canada


Where to start?? I guess with the fact that I, like so many of you, believe this era of truck to be among the finest North American vehicles ever manufactured… 

03/1979 F150 4x4 Ont. Truck (Ford of Canada Western Region DSO)

Rebuilt 400M w RV Cam, Performer intake, Holley 4180. Dual batteries, Oversize 4 core cooling, NP 435 & 205, 3.50 gears. Quad shocks and overload springs. Trailer pkg, dual exhaust, refinished 77 Motorcraft cap, repaint, box liner and tinted cab glass. A few quirky modifications and a pounding 250Watt stereo. We have named it “DiNero” on account of….well, you know… 


Purchased in the fall of 2001, I consider it my 32nd birthday gift. J It’s my 4th 70’s F-series truck, and not one of them has ever left me stranded. Thanks to the vast knowledgebase of PJB for practical assistance in maintaining this partially restored RV/daily driver.


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Chris and Nick Burch's 1979 F-Series 4x4s, Farmington, MO

The dark shadow gray truck was my most recent project it has 7 inches of lift with 35 Mickey Thompson baja claws wrapped around 15x14 chrome barts. It has a 400 motor with a c6 tranny. It has a seat out of a 95 ford in it with new carpet. 

The maroon long bed is also a 79 and it had 9 inches of lift with a beefed up 400m, 4:11 gears and all new interior with 38.5 swampers and 15x14 chrome barts. If you have not been able to tell already I love 14 inch wide chrome the wider the better.


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Scott McCarthy's 1979 F350 4x4, Webster, MA

My 1979 Ford F350 has an 8" Skyjacker Lift, 3" Trailmaster Body Lift, 38.5 Super Swamper Tires, 10" Chrome Modular Wheels, 400M aluminum Edelbrock Performer 400 intake, Holley 650 carb. Interior mods include: Alpine CD player, Rockford Fosgate 500 watt amp, 2 10" subs, Boston Acoustic speakers, power slider rear window, Automotive monster tac. 
Exterior mods include: Bushwacker fender flares, custom molded teardrop hood scoop, leaded Lund visor, Lund rollpan, Smitty built triple double rollbar, and custom paint.

Future mods will include: Parnelli Jones Dirt Dogs, 12" Monster wheels, Airbag suspension, crossover steering, DVD entertainment system and new paint.

All work done by owner with lots of help from his father Don. 

Doug Grayson's 1978 Ford F-150 Ranger 4x4, Petal, MS


This is my 1978 Ford F-150 Ranger 4X4. I have owned this truck since the early 90's. I got it with only 55,000 miles. It now has 105,000 miles with a fresh rebuild on the engine. This truck is all original except for a few performance parts under the hood. This truck is powered by a 400 hooked up to a C-6 tranny. I am running it on a set of 33x12.5x15 tires. It has factory A/C, a CB radio, and a CD player. The truck is solid as a rock with no rust.


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Levi Post's 1977 F-150 4x4


This is my 77 f150 4x4 short box. its got a 400m 4spd. I've put a different cam, dual exhaust, high rise single plane intake, demon 4 bbl, some other doodads. desktop dyno 345 horse. and runs like it. ran it through the quarter at 15.5 95 mph. my daily cruiser. its just got 31 10.50 15s now it usually has 33 12.50s. all original except the motor and a/c.

John Alampi's 1979 F350, Armada, Michigan

1979 F350, 428 "FE" Big Block , MSD Ignition , NP 435 Trans, Center Force Dual Friction Clutch, 205 T-Case,5:13 Gears, Rear Detroit Locker, Front ARB Air Locker ,Superior Axle Shafts, High Angle Drive Line Drive Shafts, 9 inches of lift , Ladder Bars, 39.5x18 Boggers , Southern Body, Lightning Interior.

I built this truck from the ground up restoring & modifying it myself. All of the sheet metal and body components are Ford. The interior is from a 1995 Lighting. I do drive and 4-wheel this truck on a regular basis in the summer months.


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Richard Morgan's 1978 Ford F150 SuperCab 4x4, Orange County, CA


This is a 1978 Ford F150 SuperCab Long Bed, don't let the headlights fool you It is a 78 1/2 year Model. It gets it's power Via a 351 V8, Automatic Transmission, FabTech 8" lift Kit from a Late Model F250-350 Superduty, I upgraded the pumpkins to 4:11 Gears, Running 38.5 Dick Cepek Mud County's right now, Have spare room in the wheel wells for 40's eventually, 15x10 Aluminum American Racing ( If i remember Correctly, been a while since i put them on), Rear sliding window with Tint all around, Not special about the Stereo system yet other that using a CD Player with 4 6x9m, and a Tool box in the bed of the truck. So far i have done any work on my own with a few friends to help.
Plans for the future are a little larger tire size, a better stereo system, A custom Rack for the bed which i plan on making( Something like a ladder racks but only cab height of the truck, with a ladder on each side from the bedside to cab height, to be able to climb up to the 6'x4' Conferr rack bolted to the top that can be easily removed, a spot for a tire carrier, Lights, and possibly a canvas top like what is used on military vehicles where it can roll up on the sides and back.) Need to work on the front end steering components which i have received allot of great advice already form projectbronco's members (Thanks), so if anyone else has any ideas they are greatly appreciated. Rich Orange County California

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Richard A. Morgan II 
~|         ___
  |____ _|__\ ____             /''''''''
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