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Tony Chiu's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Fairbanks, Alaska


Tony purchased this gorgeous '79 Bronco  last year (2000) in California and had it shipped to his home town of Fairbanks, Alaska. It sports a 4" Dick Cepek lift with 33" BFG tires and American Eagle 589 rims. It has the
original 400 V8 with only 130,000 miles. Compression in all cylinders is still 150 psi, which is not bad at all. The tranny is a C6. The interior is almost perfect and it even has factory GT (roll) bar. It has air conditioning, cruise control, factory sliding top, and quad shocks. Some of the added accessories include electrical steps that fold down when the doors are open and close automatically when the doors are shut. Sure makes it easy getting in and out of the truck. It has a Dukes of Hazzard air horn, 2 sets of driving lights and axle carrier guards both front and rear. The sound system is comprised of a Kenwood CD system with 4 speakers and an amp.


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Tony said he looked long and hard before he fond this one and that this is the second Bronco he has had in the last 5 years.

-- Simply amazing! I bet it's the nicest 2nd-Gen Bronco in all of Alaska!

Devon Aljoe's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT Trailer Special, Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Devon's Bronco is almost all-original  original. It has the original 351M engine, quad shocks, the original AM/FM radio, cruise control, locking hood latch, map lights, and it even has the original CB radio! The drive train has been completely rebuilt and it has a 2" body lift on it with 33" tires.

Devon's future plans include a complete hi-performance rebuild of the original engine (make it a 400), rebuilding the transmission, and replacing the fenders, tailgate, and the doors. The paint is not original, but Devon plans to put it back to the original color by the summer of 2002. It was originally black & silver, much like Chris Reynolds' Bronco in showroom 11. 

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-- I like it! Can't wait to see it painted :)

Tony Stall's 1978 Bronco, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Tony has owned this sleek 78 Bronco since 1978. He has completely rebuilt the entire Bronco from the ground-up. It has a 400m engine with 1000kms on it, Edelbrock intake, 4bbl carb, MSD ignition & wire set, K&N air filter, Headmen headers, a mild camshaft, Flowmaster mufflers and a custom true duel exhaust system with chrome slash tips. The rest of the drive train has been completely redone, including a new tranny, new axles and a new transfer case. The suspension features a Rancho 4" lift with 33x12.5 Bf Goodrich Mud Terrain tires mounted on American Racing Outlaw I rims. The interior and the exterior have both been completely redone. It has a brand new paint job, new body, new weather striping, and a completely redone interior. 


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-- Very nice! The sleek all black theme with no chrome or emblems looks really good! It's amazing how clean and modern these Broncos look -- just goes to show how talented the designers of the Bronco really were.

Tyler Burke's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Fairfax, Virginia

Tyler's beautiful '78 Bronco has a 351M engine, NP435 4-speed trans, NP205 transfer case, D44 front axle and 9" rear axle, and factory 3.50 LSD gears. It has been customized throughout and practically rebuilt from the ground-up. The 351M engine features an Edelbrock performer EGR intake and 600 CFM Performer carb, an Optima yellow top battery, a NOS Ford 3-core radiator, MSD 6AL ignition, MSD Pro Billet distributor, MSD Blaster 3 coil, MSD 8.5mm plug wires and a K&N 14x6" Extreme air filter -- all flowing through a set of Headman headers and Flowmaster 40-series dual exhaust. The suspension & drive train consist of 6" Rough County lift, a 3" body lift, a HD fleet-balanced drive shaft w/ a new cardinal joint and slip yoke and a custom B&W drive shaft loop -- all supported by a set of TSL 38.50x16 tires on 15x12 Alcoa aluminum rims. The interior is all black and has a 8K RPM Sun tach,  a Hurst T-handle shift knob, a Sony CD head unit, Kenwood 5 1/2" front speakers and Kenwood 6x9 rear speakers enclosed in Tuffy water proof boxes. Finally, the exterior features a custom black paint job with dark purple flames and a custom design on the tailgate, a class III hitch, 50 watt driving lights on the front bumper, and a CARR light bar w/ 2 150 watt KC Daylighters and 2 generic 100 watt lamps.

T_Burkes_02.jpg (62405 bytes) T_Burkes_03.jpg (91818 bytes) T_Burkes_04.jpg (64121 bytes) T_Burkes_06.jpg (77942 bytes)

Tyler's future plans for his Bronco include more stopping power with a rear disc brake kit from Stainless Steel, a pro-street hood scoop w/ hood pins, new anti-sway bar bar bushings front and rear, new 38" SS tires on black rims, and a new roller camshaft w/ roller lifters and roller rockers. 

-- This is really one sharp Bronco. It takes true dedication and devotion to build a Bronco that looks this good!

Aaron Reed's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Louisville, Kentucky


The very first vehicle Aaron ever purchased was a 1978 Bronco Custom. Unfortunately, about 12 years ago his brother wrecked his Bronco and he has been without a Bronco ever since. Aaron has owned several vehicles since he lost his first 78 Bronco, but he never let go of his dream of owning another 2nd-genration Bronco. But then last August, while he was searching for a transmission for his car, Aaron ran across this beautiful tu-tone '78 Ranger XLT that was being sold by the original owner.


The Bronco is in original condition. It was repainted about 8 years ago and has a remanufactured engine. The odometer says it has 95K on it but Aaron believes the actual mileage is more like 195K, but from the looks of this Bronco, you'd never know it. It has all the good stuff, including a D44 up front, 9" in the rear, NP205 transfer case, 400 engine, C6 trans, a factory sport steering wheel and working factory A/C. Since Aaron has owned his Bronco he has installed a set of 33x12.50 BFG KM Mud Terrains on 15x10 MT Classic II rims, Procomp ES9000 shocks, Procomp steering stabilizer bar, and a custom-made aluminum transfer case know Aaron made himself.


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In the future Aaron plans to install a 460 with a little help from L&L Products, a 6" SkyJacker lift (left over from his first Bronco), all new rubber seals, captain chairs and a custom paint job.


-- I don't know, I've seen a lot Broncos w/ close to 200K on them (mine included) and this one looks like it really has under 100K. Very Sharp!

David Jessee's 1978 Bronco, Norton, Virginia (JUANITA)


David purchased his multi-purpose tank back in March after his puny Geo Prizm was totaled in an accident. He acquired "JUANITA" for just 700 bucks, which he considers to be an excellent investment. Juanita has a tired 351M with 133000 miles. It has a Dana 44 up front, a 9" in the rear, a C6 tranny and a NP205 transfer case. The tires are "wimpy" 31X10.50 Goodyears.


David plans to perform a total stock restoration on his Bronco. He adds that it won't be anything fancy, just that he wants to restore it to its former glory.


D_Jessee_02.jpg (62335 bytes)The photo to the left shows the blue paint when he first bought it, then took it and got it muddy. The black, white and gray paint job was something he wanted to do different (and accomplished it, I might add) and the gray paint was after a little backyard mechanic bodywork and a coat of primer.


-- A true "APV" if I've ever seen one :-)

Jonathan Imhof's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Ashland, Massachusetts


Jonathan purchased his Bronco in August of 2001. The Bronco a has a 4" suspension lift, 3" body lift and a set of 35"x14.5" TSL Thornbirds. It has a 351M engine with Headman headers and dual exhaust that comes out behind the rear tires, custom front and rear bumpers, no rear seat, custom hardwood on the floor and sides, a Kayline Soft top, a Lund Moon Visor, 2 KC 6" 150 watt Daylighters and an Edelbrock air cleaner.


J_Imhof_02.jpg (32288 bytes)In the future Jonathan plans on rebuilding and dropping in a 460 that he already has, installing new headers, new 2 3/4" dual exhaust, two bucket seats in the back on the hardwood floor and maybe a new hood with cowl induction.


-- That's wild! I actually said that a loud when I first opened the pics of Jonathan's Bronco :)

Mike Fury's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Germany


Mike is a service member serving in Germany for the U.S. Army. They allowed Mike to ship his Bronco to Germany and he's been burning up the Autobahn ever since. The Germans stop and stare like you wouldn't believe and actually get upset when Mike  passes them doing 160 KPM . Mike saved this truck from a junk yard in Texas while he was stationed at Fort Hood. He rebuilt the whole truck with intention of installing large tires. Everything has been touched except the paint which is currently in the planning stages. The interior was redone and the seats are from a Toyota Celica to bring the seats into the 90's. (they slide, recline and are so comfortable Mike says you can sleep in them). The Bronco has a 400 engine, C6 trans, NP205 transfer case, a 9" rear with 3.50 gears and a Dana 44 in the front to match. The relatively high gear ratio, combined with the large tires and the built-to-the-hilt 400, gives the Bronco plenty of top end power for the Autobahn. The suspension features a  4" lift with 35x15.5x15 Tsl Sx Super Swampers mounted on Alcoa look-a-like rims. Mounted on the roof is a Con-Ferr roof rack with 4 6x9 halogens. The interior features a diamond plate floor, Kenwood speakers throughout and a "chameleon" head unit to belt out the cd tunes. 


M_Fury_01.jpg (48026 bytes) M_Fury_02.jpg (33643 bytes) M_Fury_03.jpg (31046 bytes) M_Fury_04.jpg (50589 bytes)
M_Fury_05.jpg (52684 bytes) M_Fury_07.jpg (52268 bytes) M_Fury_08.jpg (34668 bytes)

-- That's awesome! This has got to be the largest Bronco in Germany. You know, I get the same "upset" look from the Germans where I live when I scream past their precious X5 SUVs on the way to work as well! (I work 5 minutes from the BMW plant in SC). Must be great to do it on their own turf!

Gord's 1978 Bronco Custom, Calgary, Alberta Canada


Gord has owned his '78 Bronco for five years now and is finally starting to restore the old girl. It's pretty much a stock truck with a 351M. So far he has added a 3" body lift and 33" tires. From the looks of the pics below, it seems the Bronco is going to get a nice fresh coat of paint too.


Gord's future plans for Bronco include installing a 4" suspension lift and 35" tires on it.


G_02.jpg (47968 bytes)

G_03.jpg (48485 bytes)


-- I think Broncos can find mud anywhere!




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