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Kevin Busse's '79 Bronco, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada


Kevin says he has been wanting a '78 or '79 Bronco for over twenty years. Well, he finally found this awesome '79 Bronco last year. The Bronco was in storage last winter and spent the spring and summer having it's quarter panels and tailgate replaced. The Bronco is equipped with a 400M engine and low-geared 4-Speed manual transmission. Kevin plans to finish the rest of the paint and body work soon, but for now he is simply enjoying driving his Project Bronco.


-- I don't blame you Kevin, I drive mine as much as I can!!! -- Paul


Robert Hutson's '78 Bronco, 2BigBroncos South Chapter

Rob's '78 Bronco features a 400M with an Edelbrock intake, dual exhaust, a newly rebuilt C6 automatic, 4.56 gears with Lock-Right lockers in the front AND rear, Warn chrome molly front axle shafts, a 4" Superlift suspension lift, a 3" body lift, and 36 x 14.50 Gumbo Mudders.

Rob's future projects include installing a 460 engine and a winch. To see lots of great pictures of Rob's Bronco in action, visit his web site at 

--  All I can say is that I'm speechless! I must be crazy for trying to build a street Bronco when I could have built one like this!!! -- A very jealous Paul

Steve Altenroxel's 79 Bronco XLT Trailer Special, Ford F-Series Club, Australia.

Steve purchased this very rare Bronco in the US in 1996. During the last 4 years Steve has completely restored it from the ground up. Steve explains that the 78-79 Bronco was never exported to Australia, so they are extremely rare collectors items on that side of the globe. This Bronco is equipped w/ a 400M and features such options as Cruise Control, Tilt Steering, Beefed-up suspension, Privacy Side Windows, Captain Chairs, and Intermittent Wipers. However, the most incredible feature of Steve's Bronco is that it has been converted to Right-Hand drive so that it can be driven on Australia's highways. 

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Steve is a member of the Ford F-Series Club of Australia ( Believe it or not, they have 8 78-79 Broncos in their club with 4 more still under restoration. They have one of the largest and the most unique collection of Broncos I have ever seen.

-- I think Crocodile Dun Dee could actually catch one of those creatures he keeps chasing if he traded in his Subaru for one of these RH drive Australian Broncos!!!

Dave Knowlton's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT

This isn't just any old lifted Bronco. Dave took a completely different approach when he built this super heavy-duty truck. The frame and drive train is actually a 78 F-265H High Boy with 35 spline Dana 60's in the front and rear! This Bronco is equipped with a 460 that features an Edelbrock Performer intake, dual-feed Holley 650 carb, and special inards (Dave says it's top secret) that pumps out an earth-shattering 497 HP & 587 ft-lbs of torque on the dyno!!! In addition, the Bronco has a 4-speed trans and a 5.13 axle gear ratio.

Dave's future projects include installing a C-6 to help get all that power to the ground and replacing the transfer case with something that can better handle the monstrous torque of that 460 engine.

-- Okay all of you Dodge Cummings and Ford Power Stroke Diesel guys out there, I DARE you to hookup to this Bronco!!! My money's on Dave ;-)

Thomas Kettleson's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT (Johnny Bronco)

Thomas purchased this absolutely gorgeous Bronco from the original owner in 1994. Believe it or not, this 400M equipped Bronco only has 75,000 original miles on it as of July 2000! Thomas explains the Bronco is all original for the exception of the tires. The Bronco is primarily used to pull his nice 18' Regal boat. He says he simply enjoys it every time he drives it. The name "Johnny Bronco", comes from Thomas and his Son's favorite cartoon, Johnny Bravo.

-- Wow! I think if this was my Bronco I would never make it to the lake because I wouldn't want to stop driving it. This is the "cream puff" we all dream of.

(Sold to new owner) 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT. Previous Home: Greenwood, Mississippi


This unbelievably stunning Bronco has been enclosed in storage sine it was band new. It was retired in 1982 and has only racked up 6,000 miles since then. Everything is original except for the wheels, tires, shocks, exhaust, and the new N.O.S. sport steering wheel. Even the spare tire has never been off the vehicle!  Best of all, it only has 36,000 original miles (not a typo, 36,000 miles!!!).  


C_Brumfield_02.jpg (40543 bytes) C_Brumfield_03.jpg (26813 bytes) C_Brumfield_04.jpg (63818 bytes) C_Brumfield_05.jpg (76864 bytes)


-- I had a dream that I woke up one morning and drove down to the local Ford dealership. I went inside and saw this Bronco in the show room and it was labeled as "The NEW 2002 Bronco!". Then I bought one and lived happily ever after :-)

David Edwards' 1978 Bronco. (My Baby)


This is David's baby (in fact, that's it's name). As for right now, it's pretty much stock. This Bronco features a tired, old 400, C6, swapped-in 205, 9" rear with the factory limited slip, high-pinion Dana 44 front, both with 3.50 gears. Tires are 33" BFG Trail T/As on true mag wheels.


David's future projects include 1-ton axles modified to use the original front coil springs, a 460 that will be rebuilt to a 514 and converted to run on both gas and propane, a York a/c compressor for on-board air with a 20gl air tank in back, custom welded on complete protection, a custom 4-5" lift that will feature flipped rear shackles, taller coils in front with longer radius arms to allow for maximum travel and custom long-spline drive shafts. 


-- Oh yea! Now this is what I call an Off-road truck! I always thought Broncos looked best in mud.

Matt Mesanko's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, West Pennsylvania (Olde Ruff)


This tried & true Bronco still pulls duty as a daily driver and is almost completely stock.  Matt simply states that he is looking forward to the coming winter so he'll be able to "eat" all of those inferior SUVs roaming the roads these days.


Matt's future projects for his Bronco include installing an Edelbrock carb, Hooker headers, larger tires and a snow plow!


MMesanko_04.jpg (70658 bytes) MMesanko_02.jpg (77685 bytes) MMesanko_01.jpg (55111 bytes)


-- For some reason when I think of this Bronco running down SUVs in the snow a gigantic Polar Bear running loose in the streets of Pennsylvania chasing down it's prey comes to mind!

Jared Carr's 1979 Bronco Custom, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Broncos just wana have fun? Well, at least they do in Pennsylvania! This is Jared's sweet 79 Bronco. It's powered by a 351M engine and a C6 transmission. 


Some of the modifications Jared has made to his Bronco include a push bar / brush guard combo, a light bar, 32" tires, changed out the custom interior for an XLT Ranger interior, added XLT chrome and painted the truck white inside the chrome. Jared's truck is one of several 78-79 Broncos that participate in a group of off-road enthusiast in the Pittsburgh area. Check out the thumbnails below for some pics of Jared's Bronco and one of the other Broncos they go 4-wheeling with.


J_Carr04.jpg (76018 bytes) J_Carr05.jpg (27182 bytes) J_Carr03.jpg (57103 bytes)


Some of Jared's future plans for his Bronco include installing a 3" body lift and adding 36" tires.


-- Now these guys really know how to have fun!

George R's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Pacifica, California


George purchased this really sharp Bronco in 1999. Since then he has replaced the original 351M with a new 400, replaced the water pump, fuel pump, distributor, carb, alternator,

voltage regulator, battery, oil pressure sending unit, EGR transducer, EGR 

valve, brakes shoes and drums, and the door weather stripping. George has also installed a B&M transmission cooler for the C6, 4.10's front and rear, and a Detroit locker for the 9". This Bronco features a 4" Rancho suspension lift and 35" Mud Terrain tires.


George's future plans for his Bronco include installing a MSD ignition system, a performer intake manifold, and a little radiator repair. To see more great pics of this Bronco, check out George's web site at


-- Oh man, I can see it now.... take the top off, turn up the radio, and go for a nice long drive along the coast. Now that's the only way to go cruz'n in sunny California!




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