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Josh Slade's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Josh purchased this sleek Bronco from the original owner in 1993. The Bronco features the original 351M that has 120,000 miles on it and is still running strong!. Since Josh purchased this Bronco he has installed new custom 15" wheels, 33x12.50 BFG All-Terrains, chrome nerf bars, and an aftermarket bumper with a Warn winch. Josh has also repainted it, tinted the rear windows, and recovered all the seats.


Josh's future plans are to finish restoring the interior, upgrade the front bumper to the chrome brush guard style, and eventually upgrade the original 351M to 400 CID.


J_Slade2.jpg (43750 bytes)


-- Did you all take a look at the breath-taking thumbnail above? I can't decide which is more beautiful, the snow-covered hills or the Bronco! In any case, both are gorgeous works of art :-)

Jay Dagenhart's 1979 Bronco Custom, Wake Forest, North Carolina


Jay Bought this good looking Bronco in 1996. Since then he has rebuilt the 351M, bored it .030 over, and installed a new Edelbrock 650 CFM carb and a new Edelbrock intake. Jay has also replaced the front and rear springs with new 2" lift springs and installed new dual-exhaust with 5" tips.


Jay's future plans for Bronco include adding a 2" body lift, 35" Super Swampers, some new rims, lockers, lower gears, and one day finish the body and interior work.


-- Nothing could be finer than to drive a Bronco in Carolina.

James Oxley's 78 Bronco Custom


James is the proud owner of 3 78-79 Broncos (that's right, three!). This gigantic white 78 Custom is the largest of the three. This Bronco is equipped with a 400 that features an Edelbrock intake, Carter 625 CFM carb, double roller timing chain, and Black Jack headers. The rest of the drive train comprises of a T-18 4spd transmission with a Mean Green clutch and a NP205 transfer case. The axles are a Dana 60 in the front with coil springs and a 14 bolt axle in the rear, both equipped with 4.56 gears and Detroit lockers. James was able to fit the massive 44x19.5x16.5" Boggers mounted on 16.5x12" steel rims by installing a 7" Superlift kit, 2" body lift, rear shackle reversal kit, stainless steel brake lines, 4 Rough Country shocks in the front, 2 RS9000 shocks in the rear, a 6 State extended non-CV drive shaft in the front, and a Denny's HD drive shaft in the rear.


J_Oxley01A.jpg (41253 bytes)In addition to all of the modifications above (yep, there's more) James has added dual exhaust, an AGR Saginaw PS pump, a PS cooler, rear disk brakes, extended air breathers for both rears and the transfer case, a Warn Classic winch bumper w/ a M12000 winch, a custom 2x6 tubular rear bumper w/tire carrier & shackle mounts, a class III hitch, 6" 150W front lights, a single flood light in the rear, a custom "Y"-type traction bar, over-sized rad, custom sheet metal fender flares on the cut out wheel wells, custom skid plates in the front & rear, a Grant GT steering wheel, a full set of gages, a panty-hose air cleaner cover, and onboard air with a 25 gallon tank.


-- Hmm....... GO GO GADGET BRONCO!!!

James Oxley's 79 Bronco Ranger XLT

This is James second Bronco, a beautifully-built 79 Ranger XLT. This Bronco features a 351M engine with Holley 2brl ProJection EFI unit, a C6 transmission and a NP205 transfer case. The Bronco has an 8 lug Dana 44 with a Lock-Right locker in the front and a Dana 60 with a Detroit locker in the rear -- both with 4.10 gears. The suspension and the rest of the drive train features a 4" SuperLift lift kit, a shortened F-250 non-CV drive shaft in the rear, 4 RS5000 shocks , and reverse rear shackle kit in the rear all being supported by 38.5x14x16.5 Swampers mounted on 16.5x10 steel rims.

In addition to all of the modifications James made above (you knew this was coming, didn't you) James has added a PS cooler, rear disk brakes, stainless steel brake lines, extended air breathers for both rears and the transfer case, a custom 2" tubular front bumper with light tabs, a custom 6" tube bumper w/ shackle mounts in the rear, a custom 6" C-channel w/ a 2" rec tube in-between the front frame rails, 6" 150W lights in the front, dual flood lights in the rear, XD9000i w/multi mount for the front, minitubs in the rear wheel wells, Mustang seats, a custom snorkel setup, custom gas tank and tranny skid plates, a custom 5 gal. gas can carrier, an internal spare tire mount, a full set of gauges, and onboard air with a 20 gal. tank. 

J_Oxley03.jpg (87903 bytes)James has one more Bronco, this beautiful blue and white 79 Ranger XLT. So far the "only" things that have been done to it is a 2" lift, sunroof, rear step bumper, and a set of 35" BFG ATs on 15x10 chrome modular wheels.

-- I said, "GO GO GADGET BRONCO!!!"

Oscar Ortega's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT (The Baby Blue)


Oscar's Bronco features the original 351M with an Edelbrock Performer Intake manifold and a Performer 750 CFM carb. 

Other modifications include a true 2 1/2" dual exhaust system, a completely rebuilt front diff, Warn manual-locking hubs, and 15x10 rims. Oscar has also installed a really nice sound system that features a Kenwood tape player /6 disk CD changer, a couple of 400W Clarion 12" speakers and Punch 150 amps, 2 6x9" speakers in the back and 2 6 1/2" speakers in the doors.


Oscar's future plans for his Bronco include a complete performance rebuild of the original engine, adding a set of Mickey Thompson Baja Belted HP tires, Repair all areas of rust, install late model Bronco captain chairs, and install an overdrive transmission.


-- Sounds good to me! (no pun intended) :-)

Dean Donaldson's 1979 Bronco Custom, Philomath, Oregon (Booger)


This rugged looking Bronco is the second Bronco Dean has owned. It is equipped with a 400 that features a Scat crank shaft, aftermarket rods & pistons, Edelbrock intake, Holley 750 double-pumper, Pete Jackson gear drive, high-flow water pump, headers with 3" two chamber Flowmasters , and some custom head work.


The Bronco's drive train features a 4" lift, 35" tires, a spool in the rear, a Six States drive shaft, a TCI torque converter, and a shift kit in the trans. Inside the Bronco is a set of 2 5/8" gauges, a ratchet shifter and a roll bar.


The name "Booger", by-the-way, did not come from Dean but by everyone else who has seen it.


-- Sergeant!, you take the Hummer, I'm take'n the Bronco!

Chris Cunningham's 1979 Bronco Custom, Castleton, NY.


Here's "beater" to "beauty" story if I've ever heard one. Just form looking at this Bronco, you might think this was an always-garaged cream puff that has never even seen rain. Well, this couldn't be further form the truth. Believe it or not, Chris picked up this Bronco for just $700.00! Since then he has replaced every piece of rusted sheet metal on the Bronco. There isn't a drop of Bondo in it either! From the looks of this Bronco, you may think that Chris spent AT LEAST 2 or 3 thousand dollars on the paint & body to get it to look as good as it does. Believe-it-or-not, the paint job is a $600.00 Maaco clear-coat and the quarter panels were purchased from Jeff's Bronco Grave Yard and the doors and fenders were purchased from JC Whitney. Chris says the total cost of the exterior restoration cost only $1,500.00. To top it all off, this Bronco is equipped with all the good stuff, such as a 351M with only 70K on it, a 4-speed manual trans, and a NP 205 transfer case. As for the Bronco's suspension, every moving part of the front suspension has been replaced with better-than-stock parts. A Superlift 2" leveling kit, new stock-height HD rear leaf springs, and a new set of 33" tires have been installed as well. The drive train features the original 3.50 gears, a new posi in the rear, and a new drive shaft. 


ChrisB2.jpg (39086 bytes)

ChrisB1.jpg (30146 bytes)

chrisA1.jpg (34870 bytes)

ChrisA2.jpg (39675 bytes)

Interior - Before

Bronco - Before

Bronco - After

Canvas Top


Chris plans to rebuild the engine as soon it needs it, but Chris explains that the engine still runs great, has plenty of power left in it, and doesn't leak a drop. So far he has rounded up a set of TRW .030 over forged pistons, Total Seal rings, a mild Crane cam and lifter set, a Holley street dominator intake and a Holley 4brl carb.


-- Yet another Bronco that has come "back from the grave" to teach those new SUV owners what a REAL truck can do!

Kai Kruger's 1979 Bronco Custom, Largo, Florida


This is Kai's pride and joy! His Bronco is equipped with 351M, C6 automatic, NP205 transfer case, and a Warn winch.


Kai plans to perform a complete restoration of his Bronco. Just some of the things he plans to do is to completely rebuild and modify a 400 he got out of a 78 T-Bird, install a DUI (HEI Type) distributor from Performance Distributors, install a mild lift, and add 33x12.50 tires on 15x10" rims.


-- I wonder how may 4x4s this Bronco has pulled out of the sandy Florida terrain over the years?

Mike Cook's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida


This is Mike's killer 78 Bronco that he says is still in the project phase. It's equipped with a 351M engine and has 4.11 gears,

39" tires, and a body lift.


Mike says he just completed the interior with new carpet and a

customized dash. He is still hard-at-work completing the build up of this Bronco but plans to send in another photo once the "grand finale" is completed!


-- Cool! I bet even the mightiest Gator in Florida runs and hides when this baby comes roaring through the swamps!




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