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Ford Clubs and Ford Truck & Bronco Resource Pages

Bubba's M-Block Workshop Finally there is a website devoted EXCLUSIVELY to the 351M/400 engines. Written & created by one of the most knowledgeable M-block enthusiast you'll find anywhere, this site contains information on M-block history, specifications, parts reference, performance, and even a page dedicated to the Motorcraft 2150 2V carburetor!


The Ford Truck Enthusiast Website Ford Truck Enthusiast Home Page. This has to be the best technical site around for Ford truck owners. Now matter what you want to find out about your truck, you can find it here!


Big Broncos.COM Off-Road.COM's Ford Bronco web site. Features some very good technical articles and other information related to big Broncos. They even has some good info on 78-79 Broncos.


Super Ford.ORG Keep up with all the latest Ford news at SuperFord.ORG. They also offer free website hosting and e-mail for owners of Ford cars & Trucks. A must-see site for Ford owners.


Ford F-Series Club of Australia Believe it or not, they have 8 78-79 Broncos in their club with 4 more still under restoration. They have one of the largest and the most unique collection of Broncos I have ever seen.


Parts & Accessories Websites
LAS - Laurens Auto Salvage LAS is PJB's own full service auto & truck salvage yard. Specializing in hard to find 73-79 Ford Truck and Bronco Parts. An extensive line of new replacement parts will also be available starting in 2008. Please visit LAS for all your parts needs (from classic Fords to late model imports). Call us at 1-800-922-4033. Ask for Paul or Benjie!

eBay! eBay is one of the largest automotive auction sites in existence. You will be amazed at some of the rare parts you can find for your Bronco here. Just how rare? Well, I found an original 1979 Motorola CDR-250 CB radio (service replacement OEM part from Ford) that was brand new, still in the box, and has never been hooked up before for about half the price of what a new CB would have cost me. It's completely free to register and start bidding on those rare, hard-to-find parts you need now! JC Whitney is one of the largest automotive aftermarket suppliers in the world. I have purchased many things from them in the past  for my Bronco as well as other vehicles I have. They even have a catalog you can order specifically for Ford trucks. Anything you need can be purchased directly from their e-commerce website.


Co Parts Finder.COM Looking for a junked 78-79 Bronco for parts? Then try this site! This site is a search engine that will locate junked vehicles in your area or nation wide. The last time I did a search for 78-79 Broncos, I found five of them! None of them were close to my home, but they might be close to yours!


The Eastwood Company The Eastwood Company is a leading marketer of unique and hard to find tools and supplies used in the restoration and customization of cars, trucks, cycles, boats and planes. Eastwood is well know for their large and unique selection of top-quality products. No one should even try to restore a Bronco without first looking over Eastwood's product line.


Personal Home Pages.

Tom's 79 Bronco Site Tom has very nice & detailed site that is all about his 79 Bronco. It has lots of great info, and includes several sections on his EFI 460 swap -- complete with detailed dialog & pictures!


Ken's 1979 Bronco Website Ken's awesome website features his beautiful blue & white '79 Bronco. He's owned it since 1984 and has rebuilt the Bronco from the ground-up. The site features some awesome pictures and plenty of performance and not-so-conventional accessory upgrades. 


Kevin's 1979 Bronco Project Kevin is restoring his Bronco completely from the ground-up. He is sparing no expense on his restoration and he now has a web site documenting it. It contains page after page of FANTASTIC pictures of the work he has done so far. Trust me, go check out his new web site -- it's one of the best out there for 78-79 Broncos.


George's 1978 Bronco Ranger XLT This web site features George's '78 XLT and some of the off-road adventures he's had with his Bronco. The site will also contain technical articles related to repairs & upgrades he has made to his Bronco.


MikesWorld - Mike's '78 Project Bronco This portion of Mike's website features the restoration of his '78 Bronco, also called the "Sphere of Monetary Annihilation". The site features many fantastic pictures detailing the body work and general restoration of this well-done restoration. It's a beautiful Bronco and the site is definitely work a look.


Tery's Super-Bronco Project! Terry is undertaking an awesome project by building a "Super Bronco" -- a cross between a '78 SuperCab F-250 4x4 and a '78 Bronco to form a "SuperBronco"! The site has lots of great photos of this ongoing project and I for one can't wait 'till it's done!  


Team2much.COM This is Brett Ogilvie's web site documenting the INCREDIBLE restoration of his '79 Bronco. Brett's Bronco is without a doubt one of the nicest second-generation Broncos in existence. This is the kind of the truck you only see in 4x4 mags and car shows. Brett is also willing to help other Bronco owners with any questions they may have. You must visit this site, you won't be disappointed. 


North Country Specialties, Inc This is the home of Trent Wilson's automotive paint & body shop and the Picador. Trent has built one of the most incredible 4-door Broncos I have ever seen. No, it's not a Centurion -- it's a custom built 4-door Bronco built from the ground-up!  This page shows in detail the complete buildup of the Picador with tons of pictures to marvel at. You HAVE to see this page!


Bogginfreaks.COM A very well designed and useful site for the off-road and mud bogging enthusiast. He is also working on very interesting 1979 Bronco Project. Lots of great photos and documentation here! Definitely worth a look!


Rob Hutson's Bronco Website Features loads of 4x4 photos of his 78 Bronco in action. Rob is a really great guy and has helped me out several times with problems I've had with my Bronco.


John Shaw's 78-79 Bronco Website This site covers the restoration of John's Bronco. John has done lots of work to his Bronco and has published much of the work he has done on the site. -- Excellent site with lots of great technical info, especially on sheet metal and body work.


Mike's 78 Bronco Website This site features loads of technical articles of tings he has done to his 78 Bronco as well as the only Ford Truck VIN decoder that I know of on the Internet! A very well-designed and informative site!


Jon Sampang's 78 Bronco Website "Project Blazer Assault" Jon is working on a page to document all of the things he plans on doing to his 78 Bronco.


Stephen's '79 Bronco Website. Stephen owns a '79 Bronco with lots of modifications. This is his new website that features his Bronco.


Ford Licensed Merchandise

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