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Josh Berg's 1978 Bronco Custom, Marshfield, Wisconsin

My Bronco is a 78 with a 400m with a holly carb i bought her a couple months ago for 1000 and I am in the process of restoring her. She has a 3 speed automatic transmission and a newly rebuilt engine. I am in the process of putting a 460 in her with a Edelbrock carb and intake and all those other goodies you could ever want. It has a rare option of cruise control. It sits atop 33x12.5x15 in tires soon to be 35x12.5x15 mud terrains.

Ryan Lawson's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Vernal, Utah

This is the bronco that I just bought about four months ago. It is powered by a 400 with an Edelbrock performer intake, Edelbrock carb, headers, and a Flowmaster exhaust system. It has a 4-inch Trailmaster lift with rear springs (no blocks) and has 33 inch tires wrapped around 10 1/2 inch aluminum wheels. I have just installed a Pioneer CD player, a 400 watt amp. and a 12 inch sub. I think I got a pretty good deal on this bronco at only $1000. I have owned two other 79 Ford trucks and one 78, and I love them all!

Mike Dinkel's 1979 Bronco, Hinesville, Georgia. 


M_Dinkel_02.jpg (52745 bytes) This is my '79 Bronco. I bought it on May 2 2003 as a late present. She has a 351M 4speed not to sure about the rest but i haven't had time to really get under the hood and tinker with it. I am looking to do a little restoration to it. I have nicknamed her

Dennis Cotton's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Spring, TX (originally from Utah)


I have a 1979 Bronco XLT Ranger with a stock 400M engine. It has factory front quad shocks, tilt wheel, hood lock, roll bar, and ac. I have owned a '69 sport, '73 ranger, 95 Eddie Bauer, and now I just bought this one. I have also owned several 4X4 trucks. I am really excited about this one because my 13 year old son is really excited about it also. It needs exhaust and a tail gate, runs great and I am sure that it will be a part of our family for a very long time.

Coty Phelps 1979 Bronco custom, Cleveland NC

I'm 14 and this is my first truck. It was my dads but he said I could have It has a 429 V8 under the hood and a Holley Carb . Its an automatic. The Tires are 32x11.50x15Lt.
The Interior is in good condition. I put two 6' speakers in the back and a 8' speaker there are two 5' speakers in the front. There is a sliding window in the back and a real coon tail on the antenna.
Future modifications are paint job, bigger tires (34-35s) , New cam shaft Holley street avenger, put shifter in floor instead of on steering column, new dual exhaust system ,new headers, new suspension system, new radio, maybe cowl induction
hood, engine hose dress up kit, New valve covers and tinted windows and old Dixie back tinted glass. 

Landon Haradon's 1978 Ford bronco Ranger, Ballground Georgia

My Bronco has a 351M with a 4 barrel Edelbrock carb, it has a Dui distributors with a clear cap, its just got out of the shop i had 2 1/4 pipes with a 12 inch glass pack and chrome tips, it has no lift its got 33 12.50'sBFG .it has ford 9" front and back. My dad gave me this truck last year when i was 14 and i plan to restore it. 

In the future i plan to put 589 Eagle rims and 37 14.50's Superswampers TSL with a 7 in lift and have the whole interior redone and put a Built 351M and rear disk brakes

Johhny's 1979 Bronco, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania (Tonka)

This is my1979 Bronc. It has a 429 scj out of a 70 Torino gt 3'"body and 3"suspintion lift it also ha a 2 stage dry no2 setup with 2 100 gal tanks the 429 has a complete roller valve train keith black cold forged pistons 671 detroit blower 2 core intercooler 8 pt roll cage 3:73 gears 4 speed trans 5 pt harness

Randy Pollock's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Parma, Ohio

I bought this 79 XLT about 1 1/2 yrs. ago. It's my third second gen. Bronco. It has 65k miles and came with a/c, cruise, lock and lighting options, posi rear, rear seat delete. I added captains seats, GT bar, Quad shocks, front Loc-rite,4:10 gears and 4" suspension lift, and lots of stainless stuff. I plan to dig into the 351m and c6 this winter.


R_Pollock_01.JPG (62738 bytes) R_Pollock_02.JPG (47776 bytes) R_Pollock_03.JPG (63103 bytes)


Eddy Moeller's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, Duluth, Minnesota

This is my 1979 Bronco XLT Ranger, I got it free from a friend who had it sitting at his cabin for three years and I got her running the first day. It has a 400m 4-speed and runs ok but im rebuilding it this winter and getting some 33" swamper LTB's,4" suspension lift and other goodies. 

Michael Bumgarner's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT, NC


My 1979 Bronco has 76,000 original miles and is all original on the inside.  I bought it for $1,500.00. It has the 351M, automatic transmission. I'm hoping to get it raised up and put bigger tires on it. 

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