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PJB Membership Package / Subcription
Club_Kit_large.jpg (46509 bytes) The ProjectBronco.COM Club Membership Package comes free with every new member that joins the club. It contains the following merchandise:
  • One PJB Club T-Shirt (specify size when ordering; M, L, XL, or 2XL)
  • One PJB 5 3/8" Magnet
  • Two PJB Club decals
  • Ten PJB Club Business Cards

Price: $50.00 US & $20.00/Year renewal -- Free Shipping USA & CAN 

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PJB Club T-Shirts
T-Shirts.jpg (34589 bytes) The ProjectBronco.COM Club T-Shirts are top-quality, 100% heavy-weight cotton shirts by Gildan ActiveWear. Each shirt features a full-color 3 1/2" club logo on the left breast and a full-color, 12" club logo on the back. They are currently available in four sizes, including size M, L, XL, & 2XL.

Price Each: $19.00 US -- Free Shipping USA. CAN add $5.00

( Members receive a 10% discount) Click here to order

PJB Club Magnets
Magnet.jpg (32156 bytes) The ProjectBronco.COM Club Magnets are today's answer to the bumper sticker. These magnets are nearly 6" in diameter, made of 30 mill vinyl and are designed specially for out-door use. Will not fade or harm your paint job in any way.

Price Each: $12.00 US -- Free Shipping USA. CAN add $2.00

( Members receive a 10% discount) Click here to order 

PJB Club Decals
Decal.jpg (35449 bytes) The ProjectBronco.COM Club Decals are made of top-quality, 100% vinyl material. They are specifically designed for out-door use and will not fade over time. They are "out-side decals" measuring just 3 1/2" so you can put them on your tinted windows or even stick one on your bumper.

Price Each: $3.50 US -- Free Shipping USA. CAN add $1.00 

 (Members receive a 10% discount) Click here to order

PJB Club Business Cards
b_card_02.jpg (14842 bytes) The ProjectBronco.COM Club Business Cards are your ticket to meeting Bronco owners in your area. They are professionally printed and feature a place for your name, phone number, and e-mail address. Shipped in a package of 10 cards. Leave one on the windshield of another Bronco the next time you see one!

Price PKG of 10: FREE to PJB Club Members 

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