The 3rd Annual ProjectBronco Club meet

Don't miss your chance to be a part of history!

 -- At the Indiana 4x4 Jamboree in Indianapolis, Indiana September 19th-21st

ProjectBronco.COM 3/04/03 -- Once a year ProjectBronco.COM holds its annual club meet at a major 4x4 Jamboree as a fun way to get all 78-79 Bronco owners together so everyone can meet face-to-face. The third annual club meet will be held this year at the Indiana 4x4 Jamboree in Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Jamboree is THE largest 4x4 event in the country and has more fun-filled events and activities than you can shake a stick at! Last year the second annual club meet was held at the Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 4x4 Jamboree. We had over 20 Broncos in attendance and had members come from as far away as Texas! Let me tell ya, all of us had more fun that should be legally allowed!


Due to the EXTREME popularity of last year's Jamboree, we are expecting around 40 (not a misprint) members to attend as of this writing, and it's only March! Still, we need to make absolutely sure that ProjectBronco Club is the first or second largest club in attendance so that we can have our own spot reserved just for us.


Last year every member that attended sent in their registration individually to Specialty events. Because of this, the PJB club did not get credit for all 20 members in attendance. Therefore, this year we are collecting all of the registrations to Specialty events at ProjectBronco and will be mailing all of them in at the same time!


If you are interested in joining us this year, keep reading the FAQ section below to find out how.





The Indianapolis 4x4 Jamboree is, of course, a public event, so anyone can attend the Jamboree just by paying general admission charges at the gate. However, the ProjectBronco Club is going to be part of this year's Jamboree and will have an area sectioned off inside the event where club members can park their trucks and hang out with the club. We hope to have our own area reserved for us at this year's club meet. In any case, parking spaces will be limited and we expect the spaces to fill up VERY QUICKLY. All 4x4 clubs that do not have a space reserved for them (i.e. all clubs for the exception of the two largest) have to have any ropes or tape they used to section off an area for their club taken down by 9:30 in the morning, so in the event that we do not qualify for our own reserved space, any spaces we don't use will fill up very quickly by other 4x4 owners. Therefore, ProjectBronco club members and their guest get to park first. If we have room we will welcome any 78-79 Bronco owners, and anyone attending the event is more than welcome to come on in and check out the club.



The first step to participate in the 3rd-Annual PJB Club meet is to join the PJB Club. To join, click here. You can also join the PJB club at the club meet. Pre-packaged memberships kits will be available at this year's meet, so you can save on shipping cost. If you join the PJB Club through the mail or are a current PJB Club member, you will need to contact the PJB Club meet coordinator and let him know that you wish to attend the club meet. To contact the club coordinator, send an email to:

The second step is to register with Specialty Events & mail your registration to ProjectBronco. See the next section blow.



This year the ProjectBronco Club will collect all registrations to Specialty events and will mail all of them in at one time. This is the only way PJB can get credit for each club member who plans to attend. The deadline for sending in your Specialty Events registration application to PJB will be no later than August 10th, 2003!


To register your Bronco or Ford 4x4 with Specialty Events, follow these steps:

Special Events

  • Next, mail your completed registration form & check or money order to:


ATTN: Special Events Jamboree Registration

130 South Tyger Lane

Roebuck, SC 29376

Remember, all Special Events registrations we receive will be mailed in to Special Events at one time no later than August 10th, 2003. Everyone will receive their Jamboree confirmation via email approximately two to three weeks after we mail the registrations on August 10th.


NOTE: If you do not wish to park your Bronco or Ford 4x4 with the PJB Club and only wish to park outside and walk in the event, then you only need to buy tickets for the event. Ticket prices are currently (as of this writing) $18.00 /day for adults and $10.00 / day for children age 12 and under. Discounts are given for multiple day passes. You will also need to make sure you bring money to pay for parking as it is our experience that there is no free parking at these events.




    How do I get there?


    Directions For The 22nd Annual Advance Auto Parts 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals®

    Coming soon.


    View Maps to Indianapolis, IN Fairgrounds: Click Here



    Where can I stay?

    ProjectBronco.COM has reserved spaces at a local campsite and a block of rooms at a very nice hotel only 15 minutes from the Indianapolis Fairgrounds. The Hotel is very close to the campgrounds, so it will be convenient for members staying at the hotel to meet up with members at the campground. Most participants are staying for three nights; Thursday night (September 18th), Friday night (September 19th) and Saturday night (September 20th).

    The campground information is as follows:

    The Hotel information is as follows:

    PJB Club members get a special discount off of the normal rates of the rooms at the hotel and sites at the campgrounds. Please Contact Benji at for more lodging and rate info. Make sure you specify the type of room you will need (single king or two double beds), how many adults and children you plan to bring, and your smoking preference when sending your email (for hotel reservations only).

    What are the planned activities?

    One of the reasons ProjectBronco chose to hosts its annual club meets at various Specialty Events 4x4 Jamborees is because of the nearly endless activities to participate in during the event. However, the ProjectBronco club has a few activities of our own planned as well.

    What do I need to bring?


    It would be impossible for us to provide a complete list of all of the things you might need or want to bring to the 2nd Annual PJB Club Meet and the PA Jamboree, but here is a general list of things that could come in handy.

    I want to come! Do I HAVE to own a 78-79 Bronco?


    No, you do not have to have a 78-79 Bronco to park your vehicle with the PJB Club. All PJB Club members with 73-79 Ford F-series 4x4 trucks, Early Broncos, or late model Broncos are 100% welcome. Also, some members will be bringing guest to our club meet that own other types of 4x4s. Because they are guest of PJB club members, they are welcome to park with us (if space is available). 


    Note: If you are planning to bring a quest to the PJB club meet, please notify the PJB Club Coordinator of your intensions ahead of time so we know how many people to expect, especially if they plan on bringing their own vehicles.


    Alcohol Policy and Code of Conduct

    Alcohol Policy:

    The ProjectBronco Club is a family-oriented 4x4 enthusiast club and therefore does not condone, promote, endorse, or encourage the consumption of alcohol at any of its official club meets. Special Events did not allow alcohol at last year's 4x4 Jamboree.

    Code of Conduct:

    It is the official policy of the ProjectBronco Club to provide a friendly and safe environment at all of its sponsored club meets and events. We are dedicated to providing quality fun and entertainment in a responsible and professional manner. We reserve the right to permanently remove any members, guest, or other persons attending any ProjectBronco club meets who in any way threatens or endangers any persons or property or who's actions get out-of-hand at our discretion.