Product Rating System

Throughout ProjectBronco.COM you will see the Paul's Product Score Rating system icon on technical articles where aftermarket parts are bought and installed on Megalodon. My rating system ranges from 1 to 10 and is based on many different factors. Below is a list of the rating system numbers and the categories in which products are rated.


Product Rating Table
1 Part was defective or simply would not fit
2 Product does not live up to manufactures claims, required extensive modifications to install, and has poor workmanship.
3 Product does not live up to manufactures claims, was poorly documented, and is generally not worth installing.
4 Product is below average and may be inferior to a factory part or was difficult to install.
5 Product is very average and is no better than a factory part.
6 Product is better than average, but still needs to be refined.
7 Product is good and is worth installing. Could use more documentation and could be easier to install
8 Product works very well but was either a little hard to install or was not properly documented.
9 Product Exceeds all expectations, lives up to manufactures claims, is well documented and is easy to install
10 Product is Perfect 

At the end of every article I write that has a Paul's Product Score rating will be an explanation of the product's score and why it scored the way it did. I am completely unbiased when I rate products. I have no advertisers and I'm not affiliated with any company or their products. So, what you see is what you get. If a product doesn't work, I'll tell you so.